About Jay & Joanie

Our family, friends, and followers keep us highly motivated. It is the greatest feeling in the world to know that we are helping inspire and change lives. To have such an impact on someone enough to change their own lifestyle; can in fact save a life. There is no feeling greater than to know that you've played a part in that. When we hear clients and those that follow us say that we've truly inspired them it continually motivates us to push even harder and reach even higher!

If anyone tells you not to do it. DO IT. If they tell you that you can't. PROVE THEM WRONG. The mind is a powerful gift. Anything that can be perceived can be ACHIEVED. Visualize your success at whatever goal you set to accomplish and you've already won half of the battle ;)

Jay's Story 

My entire life I grew up obese. I was the 10 year old kid at McDonalds ordering the 20 piece McNugget and the bucket of fries (does anyone remember that?!) Oh and I'd still ask for the toy! Ha! These poor eating habits developed at a very young age and carried throughout my entire adolescence. I LOVED food. When you're that young you don't consider your health or appearance, you just know that the food tastes good, really good. And no one stopped me. Consequently, that lead to an entire childhood of being picked on, bullied and name called. As I began to age I realized how much my appearance affected the way I was treated by both peers and even adults. I wanted to be respected. I wanted to feel appreciated. I wanted to be wanted. Being called "fat" didn't help fill any of those voids. It had a negative impact on my young mentality and led to emotional and mental distress. I wanted change but I didn't know how or where to turn. So I turned to the iron. I began purchasing supplements and researching how to work out on bodybuilding.com. In short, this what lead me to this lifestyle. Being broken down; BUILT ME UP! 

I began weight lifting at the late age of 18. I realized very quickly that I wanted to make fitness both a business and a lifestyle. I attended Texas A&M where I met my wife, Joanie. I studied kinesiology only to realize being a trainer was a business so switched majors. That's what I wanted to do with my career. Health and fitness had become such a passion I would spend countless hours researching and developing methodology that has shaped both myself and my clients. We opened our first location at the age of 20 and I began training clients shortly there after. The rest is history.

My wife is the most supportive person I've ever known. If I've ever set my mind to something she has always stood behind me and kept me accountable at following through. She is one the most tenacious people I've ever known. She sets her mind to something and does not let go. Big things come in small packages. Her passion for fitness and our little one sets the bar for me to supply and provide for our little family. Failure is never an option nor is even a possibility. With Christ ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. Impossible is not even in our vocabulary. The fact that my god is the most powerful; what can stand between me and my goals if we are born in his image? BOOM! 

Joanie's Story 

I've always been active but never was a star athlete in school. I participated in volleyball, track and powerlifting. Powerlifting was actually my favorite! Whoo, 96 lbs weight class!! I also was a cheerleader until the end of my sophomore year of college when I moved to Houston. Through out those years I became accustom to the weight room but basically could only do what my coaches and trainers told us. Not until I met my now husband did I even understand the concept of isolating muscle groups or that you could build and transform your physique. I became intrigued and switched my major to exercise science and nurtition. After several semesters I switched my major to business and marketing at the University of Houston because of a little pressure from family to choose a different career. A few semesters I again switch careers and graduated in 2013 with my Bachelors in the Science of Education. From there I continued my education and also graduated from the Art Institute as a digital designer in 2015. Which has brought you this lovely getrevofit.com website and future labels for EPN! Lol
In 2010 I began my fitness journey. Lightweights and lots of cardio. Typical thinking for a girl new to the gym! I was able to cut body fat but was not looking full and tight like the fitness models I idolized. I began lifting more of the "bodybuilding" style like my husband practiced. Almost immediately I started seeing the benefits! And then.... became pregnant with my daughter. Although I was head over heals excited I couldn't help worrying about all the mom stories about losing your body, stretch marks, loose skin you'd never look the same again. I admit, as vain as it sounds, I was terrified that would be me. But I forced myself to snap out of it immediately. I believed I could do ANYTHING I put my mind to!, and that is exactly what I did!
I started a log of EVERYTHING fitness related for both men and women. I read everything I could and began writing my workout plan starting the day I was six weeks postpartum and released. During my pregnancy I worked out about three to four times a week and walked a mile everyday. Afterwards I began a strict five days a week schedule. 
I had a relatively easy delivery and gave birth naturally to the most precious baby girl,  Aeris, our little gym mouse! 

I returned to the gym right on schedule! However I also returned to finish college right around the same time. On top of a newborn I had class 8 hrs a day, an hour each way commute and our RevoFit supplement store/ 24 gym that were also babies and needed lots of attention from both of us. It was tough but excuses are for the weak! You have to do what you have to do. I graduated with honors, kept my hubby happy, we raised our daughter with plenty of love and attention and our business flourished.

On top of all that a year later I was in the best shape of my life and placed top in an NPC Bikini national qualifier. One year after that in 2014 I took the whole NPC show for all of the Bikini 5 or 6 classes. From there I have continued to make progress and have been chasing not only a bodybuilding procard, but my love of fitness. With the support of my husband, my best friend, I have never been afraid of taking risks and following my dreams. He is always the push I need! He is the most driven and stubborn man I have ever met...which is why I love him! lol I have learned nothing is impossible, it just may take a lot of extra effort. But nothing is out of your reach. This journey has taught me how much strength I am capable of and so much more. I absolutly love sharing this knowledge and passion with others and helping them reach their full potential! 


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RevoFit's Story 

RevoFit began as Jay's Supplements in 2010. it began in a tiny blue building with about 6-8 shelves filled with all his favorite things; protein, BCAAs, pre-workouts, prohormones fat burners etc. He wanted to share his passion for the fitness with his hometown.  After moving back from Corpus Christi and leaving Gold's Gym he became depressed that the only gym in 30+ miles felt like a grandmas living room. Thus, Revolution Fitness and Sports Nutrition was born. We moved into a 2000 sq foot building. Shop and office air conditioned and back half a garage style 24 hr gym. A year later we out grew the building and were tired of the full gym being in the Texas Heat. We moved into a 4000 sq ft gym half air conditioning half garage style. During that year we began our RevoFit group classes! Our mix of cardio and weight training. We changed the name once again to condense it to just RevoFit, LLC.

Again we grew out of the building and ran into an amazing opportunity to move into our now permanent location. It is over 7000 sq ft, all climate controlled and has a private classroom for our RevoFit and small group classes.

The gym is still 24 hrs but between the two of us we spend 16+ hours at the gym Monday-Friday. Working with our personal training clients one on one, small groups and spin classes. We are extremely dedicated to each of our clients and love watching the ones who are dedicated make amazing changes in their lives. The end of 2013 we took on our first online clients from long distant acquaintances and thanks to social media outlets. From there we have spent the past two years working on expanding our outreach to share our knowledge and passion!