GET REVOFIT! Women's Workout Program
GET REVOFIT! Women's Workout Program

GET REVOFIT! Women's Workout Program

$ 50.00

What is RevoFit?

RevoFit is a unique workout program created exclusivley by Jay and Joanie through RevoFit, LLC! These programs are designed to specifically target problem areas and melt away fat!  They never get boring because a NEW full body program will be available on our site EVERY month! 

Our Goal: 

-Fat Loss

-Target Full Body 

-Build glutes

-Detailed Routines Per Muscle Group

-Tighten and Tone 

-Enjoyable and Seamless Workouts

-Increase Cardiovascular Health 

-Workouts easy to do at home or a gym

We train the body symmetrically, create balance and isolate & target specific problem areas. We realize that there are areas we would all like to improve on and specifically tailor classes to clients. We base all of our routines on fitness and board certified exercises that have been proved effective time and time again! We take out the guesswork on what to do at home or at the gym! Experience the feelings of strength, empowerment and confidence that fitness can bring! 

Equipment Requirements:

-Aerobic Step Box, Risers or Weight Bench

-EZ Bar or Barbell Free Weights


-Yoga Mat (optional)



-Four day full body intense cardio/resistance training workout

PDF download immediately after purchase!
**If you have an issue downloading the program, email us at**


*Please note this program does not include diet plan, email or text support. Transformation packages includes this support. Keep in mind as with any training plan, nutrition is key to see the best results.